• Darlene Hammond

Brand New RE/MAX Agent Training Center

You heard correctly! Darlene Hammond has opened up her very own RE/MAX America's Top Realty Training Center. We are already in the first round of Level 1 agent training. This is an 8 week training course with 3 levels that is provided for FREE for agents that join RE/MAX America's Top Realty. This post licensing training focuses on the day in and day out info Real Estate agents need when they first begin their career. We cover contracts, marketing, how to submit a serious offer, brand reputation management, lead generation, RE/MAX tools offered, listing presentations, buyer scripts, CMA's and how to work with buyers and sellers. Darlene is offering agents 24 years of knowledge and experience to her agents to make sure they are the best they can be.

Watch this video below to find out more about our brand new training center for RE/MAX America's Top Realty Agents.

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